Pineapple Open Day 2017

We had such an amazing day at Pineapple Open Day 2017. For our club members to enjoy classes worth over £300 was such a treat! Thank you so much to Pineapple Studios and their teachers/choreographers for hosting such fabulous classes.


There was a fair bit of queuing involved but so worth it! The queues were around the block back to M&S but everyone in the queue were given tickets for the classes they wanted to do (mostly we got what we wanted – thank you!).

Then you went in and did those classes and came out to get tickets to queue for other classes. It all worked out really well for us.

Thanks especially to the people we did classes with. Our team had an awesome time doing the following classes:

Kiran – Bollywood Fusion

Karen Estabrook – Jazz

Melody – Contemporary Jazz

Brendan Hansford – Core Commercial & Lyrical/Commercial

Madeleine Waters – Contemporary Jazz

Lil’ J – Commercial Street

You can see some of our 2020 members in class videos online at Pineapples’ and their teachers social media accounts.

Defo doing this again next year 🙂

Don’t forget you can BOOK ONTO THE LIL J WORKSHOP at B.R. Dance on Sunday 13th August, £15 for an hour and a half (time to be confirmed). Email or message on facebook.