2020 Dance Club

Revolutionising Dance for the benefit of Dancers!

Want to join?

... drop us an email admin@2020dance.co.uk  We are open to new members most of the time unless working towards a competition. You'll find us at Hartford Village Hall every Sunday evening from 5.30pm to 8.30pm, Mondays and Tuesdays 4.30-6pm, and at Huntingdon Methodist Church Wednesdays 7.30-9.30pm.  There's no audition to join #turnupandyoureontheteam and no pressure to commit to anything you don't want to commit to so, message us on social media or email us.  See our full timetable for further details on regular sessions and venues. Contact Us  

A message from Daisy

I set up a dance club because I wanted to have fun and do my own choreography at competitions. I wanted a place and time to practise what I was learning in various dance classes. I kept knocking things over in the living room so we booked Hartford Village Hall. Then friends pitched in to help cover the cost and it's been running every week since the end of November 2015. Dance should make you happy and if it doesn't, then change what you are doing, or who you are doing it with!  I'm so proud of how far this club has come and the dancers are the best bunch of people ever and have improved massively. I love our amazing teachers, Jasmin and Mia and we've had some lovely guest teachers too. I love that people come back from college to train with us and we get so much support from all over the country. I can't believe we now have sessions between 4 and 6 days per week!

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