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Welcome to Maxine’s Blog where I will talk about the things that I think are beneficial to share with others in terms of views, tips, advice or just learning from my mistakes!

The ‘Dance World’ is a weird one.  In my other job I have worked with lots of different sized businesses in a lot of different industries, all in the capacity of improving profit and business performance. Whether that’s marketing, sales, customer satisfaction, pricing, cashflow, funding, contract law or even debt recovery.

Dance is an art and like many artistic industries it does attract people who don’t put profits or income first. They do what they do for the love of it. Whilst this is amazing to be a part of in many ways, it brings it’s frustrations. Especially people who just don’t think like traditional business people sometimes.

Our Dance Club, or rather Daisy’s Dance Club, was born out of a deficit of organisations and teaching styles where people can dance to be themselves, feel comfortable, be creative, have fun, develop friendships alongside their training. It was Daisy’s vision and all I have done is listen to her and support her where I can. She was spot on in terms of identifying a need. Perhaps it will catch on. Her experiences as a very young dancer were quite destructive in parts but it has spurred her on to finding a better way.

What started out as an informal, fun, freework dance session to ‘make up own dances’ with three other people has grown into a successful Dance Company that we are all very proud of.

“Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings comes truth, strength and Wisdom” Psalm 8.2

Little did we know at the time that lots of young dancers shared a similar story and their young dancing experiences had been tainted in some way, usually bullying.

2020 Dance Club is about doing our bit to show there is another way to be inclusive, creative and to compete and perform.

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